Jasmine Nyende ✿✿✿ ~*cybertwee HQ virtual artist talk series

June 1, 2016

♡♡ cybertwee ♡♡ is thrilled to announce our second virtual event, and *first* virtual artist talk!~* in this cybertwee HQ virtual artist-talk series, we are super stoked to have the bb artists in the <<.:*cybertwee HQ*:.>> give us the behind-the-scenes scoop on their artwork in the show, & tell us about their influences, process, and how their work intersects with #cybertwee, all using tinychat and #WebRTC for screensharing!


Jasmine Nyende is a new-media artist working in Los Angeles, California. her art is concerned with the construction / deconstruction of femme identities & stereotypes in popular culture and the place of the black femme body in art. through code poetry, animated GIFs, video, performance, and her ukelele, she explores her gURL relationship to social media and consumer technologies.

in this ♡♡ cybertwee ♡♡ artist talk, Jasmine shares her artistic process in creating her video piece for the <<.:*cybertwee HQ*:.>>, entitled “Buoyancy” and her poem “We Can Form This Space Together”, in which she shares and extends the spaces where she feels most vulnerable to encourage critical reflection about established power structures. She will also share #cybertwee poetry from their most recent collaboration for a fashion collection by Pierre Davis, in which Davis used photos from her iPhone to print on fabric to make a gorgeous fall line entitled “No Sesso”, which means “no gender”.

Jasmine Nyende graduated from Lewis & Clark College in 2015 with a degree in Rhetoric & Media Studies. She runs a KCHUNG Radio and arts publication named Fit Form Function about performance art, social media and ephemeral (e-femme-eral) poetry. She recently performed at Machine Project, the exhibition Lost Wax at As it Stands, and with her folk band ClitB8 at Eternal Telethon Human Resources Los Angeles. She is currently writing an experimental poetry book “Tension: Conditions of Darkness” about colorism and queer identity in popular culture.

“We Can Form This Space Together”
by Jasmine Nyende

Sharing movement, glitches, rhythm, tempo
sharing movement, glitches, rhythm, tempo

Ukuleles are not mini-guitars
Ukuleles are distinct instruments on
their own with an individual sound
and cultural history

Sharing movement, glitches, rhythm, tempo
sharing movement, glitches, rhythm, tempo

over and over again
Am I allowed to breathe?
If there was a side to me that was
always clear, definable

Predictability is likeable like order is
likeable like machines are likeable
like supremacy is likeable
A trend. A look. A space to devise a
new lineage.

Seeing an instrument as a tinier
version of another one erases the
impact of the innovation.

Sharing movement, glitches, rhythm, tempo
sharing movement, glitches, rhythm, tempo

over and over again
lacking blue eyes is a glitch,
lacking pale skin is a glitch,
lacking long hair is a glitch

Sweetness implies a lack of

How can I prove my lack
Am I allowed into the cult of
sweetness? Into the realm of
serenity, unafraid of proving

Maybe Sandra would be alive if she
lost her bitterness. Maybe.
By seeing an ukulele as a mini guitar
The sound becomes a glitch to an
established standard.