♡░w░e░l░c░o░m░e░ ░t░o░ ░t░h░e░ ░c░y░b░e░r░t░w░e░e░ ░h░q░ ♡

we created the cybertwee headquarters as a virtual
cozy enclave to recharge our digital selves.

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open call for virtual media, 2015. textures & social media flyer by becka saville

this juried show is comprised of digital works by 22 artists, selected from an online open call, and displayed in the Cybertwee Virtual Headquarters. The featured works are united by their exploration of themes related to gender and digital technology, but the diversity of styles and approaches reveals that cybertwee is an expansive and slippery genre. Their coexistence in this exhibition is both a celebration and a statement: creative expressions of femininities, psychic realities, and bodily spectra are valid, are deserving of space, and are full of possibility.

We are fractured and multifaceted bbs.

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HTC Vive (coming soon)
PC (coming soon)
Android (coming soon)



Classic PC Game Style:
WASD Keys + Mouse Look





Violet Forest
Game Design & Development

Gabriella Hileman
Map Artist
Screenshot Documentation

May Waver

Becka Saville
Texture Artist

Ian Honore
3D Gardener

Music Credits

Violet Forest
Main Track

Gabriella Hileman
Easter Egg Track ;)